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How do disposable curtains compare with the cost of using conventional curtains?
The use of Opal disposable curtains provides a cost effective solution to the management of hospital curtains

- No curtain laundry costs
- No capital outlay for curtains
- No disruption to ward areas during changing
- Next day delivery
- Time saving on changeovers
Are the curtains fire retardant?
Opal Health disposable curtains comply with the same fire retardancy standards as conventional curtains, BS 5867: 2008 Part 2 Type C. Every batch is rigorously tested by a UKAS accredited company and every curtain is labelled with the batch number for full traceability. Copies of test certificates are available on request.
How often do the curtains need to be changed?
Opal disposable curtains are durable and have shown that they can remain hanging for a year or more. However, we would recommend that each hospital carries out its own assessment to set the frequency at which the curtains should be changed. A regular and responsive programme makes your hospital safer, faster.

Our competitors may claim that their curtains can remain hanging longer than this due to antibacterial coatings but research has shown that after the first few days, there is no significant difference in the survival of bacteria between treated and non-treated curtains, proving that the presence of antimicrobial coatings does not prevent contamination.

Leaving curtains in place for long periods creates a potential source of harmful bacteria. Even with antimicrobial coatings, no curtain can offer 100% protection. So don’t risk it, bin it.

To read our research carried out this year by Nottingham University along with other papers on the subject, click here.
Does the fabric support bacterial growth?
No, the curtains are made of 100% polypropylene which inherently inhibits bacteria growth.

We don’t treat our curtains with any antimicrobial coatings as even with treatment, no curtain offers 100% protection against infection. We promote the regular disposal & replacement of curtains as if an infection does occur, it is the only way to ensure the curtains aren’t harbouring bacteria.
Do the disposable curtains offer the same privacy as conventional curtains?
Patient privacy is actually enhanced using our disposable curtains when compared to most conventional curtains as we only use 120gsm fabric.
Are the curtains available in varying lengths?
We have two sizes of curtain available:

7.2m width x 2m drop – suitable for track length up to 5.4m

3.6m width x 2m drop – suitable for track lengths up to 2.7m

Custom sizes are also available subject to quantities.
How are the curtains labelled?
Every curtain comes with a heat sealed self-audit label ensuring employees can easily see when it was last changed enabling inclusion within your existing infection control procedures.
Are the disposable curtains made from environmentally friendly fabric?
Our disposable curtains are made from 100% polypropylene which has one of the lowest environmental impacts of any material. As our curtains are untreated they are 100% recyclable
How do we dispose of the curtains?
Our curtains are made from polypropylene so are 100% recyclable and we are able to offer a nationwide managed recycling service of used curtains, even those classified as clinical waste.
Can we use existing tracking?
Yes, we are the only company to offer bulk loading fast-fit disposable curtains for all track types. Our curtains are available with four different hooks options designed to fit your existing cubicle tracks, avoiding the need for costly modifications.
What colours are available?
Our curtains are available in the following colours:

- Pacific Blue
- Sky Blue
- Mint Green
- Sand

We are also able to develop and produce bespoke curtain colours and designs, subject to quantities. Please contact us for more details.

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