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Opal Health is a division of Opal Contracts, a Birmingham based manufacturer and installer of quality and innovative commercial blinds, curtain tracks and security systems.

Our staff have years of experience in the industry and our directors were involved in the design of the world’s first disposable curtain to help combat the millions of infections in hospitals across the world.

In 2005 Opal was established and guided by their experience, our directors developed our UK patented hook systems and we have since become a key supplier for NHS Trust Hospitals, GP Practices and medical centres across the country. We can provide both pandemic and day to day supplies and can also offer a full managed service.

We are the only company that can offer bulk loaded fast-fit curtains for any type of cubicle track and we have been manufacturing and supplying our patented curtains for more than 10 years.

Efficient and Adaptable

Opal disposable curtains are the quick, efficient, hygienic alternative to traditional curtains.

Opal Health continues to innovate and is constantly developing new products to further improve disposable curtain systems.

Trusted and Assured

In the past it was standard practice to coat hospital curtains with antimicrobial substances to enable them to remain in place for longer, however, in recent times the thinking behind safe curtain management has changed.

Our Philosophy is simple - Patient safety is paramount so don't risk it, bin it!

Opal disposable curtains are so fast and easy to replace that regularly changing curtains really is the best way to maintain a safe, hygenic environment.

If an infection does occur on your premises, it is the only way to ensure that curtains are not harbouring harmful bacteria.

Don't risk it, bin it!
Join the fight against HAIs